MediRevv helps large multi-specialty practice overcome cash shortage

For Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, it was time.

Time to be serious about improving the organization’s overall cash performance. Time to be specific about the areas of the revenue cycle that lacked congruity, precision and accuracy. Time to focus on providing exceptional, compassionate care to patients in the greater Hartford area, while entrusting the “health” of their A/R to a reliable, experienced partner.

MediRevv recently announced the addition of Hartford HealthCare Medical Group to our roster of clients. With a 30-year history of providing accessible, high quality, cost effective physician’s services and healthcare in the region, Hartford HealthCare sought support in insurance and self pay A/R for their organization, which has grown to be one of the largest group practices in southern New England with 250 providers practicing over 30 different specialties.

It is common for multi-specialty group practices to hemorrhage cash. Growth occurs primarily through expansion and practice acquisitions, but revenue cycle performance doesn’t always generate the cash flow necessary to support the increasing infrastructure. Managing Hartford HealthCare’s insurance and self pay A/R will produce an overall increase in cash collections, which will leave this large group practice in a better position financially and will allow them to turn their focus back to what they do best: excellent patient care.


About Chris Klitgaard

Chris Klitgaard

At MediRevv, Chris oversees the strategic, financial, technical, sales, marketing and operational elements of the organization. He credits his leadership team and all his MediRevvers for their daily creativity, drive and commitment to breaking down obstacles on the way to bottom-line success.

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