MediRevv Service Spotlight: Revenue Integrity

Here is the fifth post in the MediRevv Services Spotlight series. (Previously: self pay, insurance, full service business office outsource, conversion assistance)

No healthcare organization wants to write off millions of dollars in insurance receivables that are contractually owed to them, yet many do just that.

Payers consistently wash their hands of guaranteeing accurate payments, leaving the burden of finding shortfalls with providers. But, complicated commercial payer contracts, thousands of adjudication rules and changing fee schedules make it extremely difficult for providers, who are often working with limited staff and resources, to accurately identify correct payment amounts. These challenges, combined with the sheer volume of claims, make it seem as though the only viable solution is writing off insurance revenue.

But is it? MediRevv‘s Revenue Integrity Service offers an alternative by helping providers with insurance audit and recovery efforts. When we deploy our highly educated A/R specialists to work as an extension of your revenue cycle team, our “search and rescue” efforts on the insurance side combine your underpayment technology and our best practice expertise to drive lost cash back to your bottom line.


About Kent Smith

Kent Smith

Kent leads MediRevv’s new business sales initiatives and marketing and account management programs. He has built, from the ground up, a cohesive team of healthcare sales and marketing professionals who understand the critical aspects of any engagement: exceeding the expectations of and creating value for our clients; building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships; and maintaining transparency and a high level of trust in our execution.

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