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Kristen Hughes

As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kristen is responsible for enhancing strategic account initiatives and client engagement. She has years of client management experience under her belt coupled with expertise in all areas of revenue cycle management.
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Patient Pay Early Out

Prompt Pay Discounts - A Win-Win for Your Patients and Your Organization

Is one dollar today better than one dollar 120 days from now? We think so. Actually, we know so, because each day that a patient account lives on in A/R the

Healthcare Reform

10 Questions to Help Ready Your Organization for Value Based Care

There is a major industry shift underway to move toward a value based care model and away from the traditional fee-for-service model. It’s a little

A/R Wind Down

Stop, Look and Listen: What Story Does Your Aged A/R Tell You?

Aging claims may not have been touched for a long time, but why? Sssh, listen. Do you hear that? Your aged A/R is trying to tell you something. Almost every

Insurance A/R Follow Up

Why Insurance Denials Management is All About Process

Insurance claim denials happen to the best of us. In fact, it’s often payers that make sure they are inevitable. But, there’s no room for complacency when it
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