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Kent Smith

Kent leads MediRevv’s new business sales initiatives and marketing and account management programs. He has built, from the ground up, a cohesive team of healthcare sales and marketing professionals who understand the critical aspects of any engagement: exceeding the expectations of and creating value for our clients; building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships; and maintaining transparency and a high level of trust in our execution.

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Patient Pay Early Out

High Deductible Health Plans: A Reality for Patient and Revenue Cycle Leaders

 [*This blog post was originally published December 6, 2016 and it has been updated and republished since.] High deductible health plans (HDHP) are a curious

Patient Pay Early Out

6 Tips for Not Leaving Money on the Self Pay Table

Are you doing all you can to bring in every dollar of self pay revenue? Facing an expanding patient pay population, healthcare organizations must maximize cash

Patient Pay Early Out

21 Tips For Improved Self Pay Cash Results

A significantly increasing portion of your revenue is now coming directly from patients. Or at least it should be. Billions of self pay accounts receivable

Patient Pay Early Out

4 Ways to Create a Positive Patient Financial Experience

How’s it going between your revenue cycle team and your patients? Several years ago that would have been an illogical question to pose. Today it makes perfect

Patient Pay Early Out

3 Common Revenue Cycle Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We all make mistakes, even as experienced veterans in revenue cycle management. Sometimes, though, our biggest mistakes are the ones right under our nose—the

Patient Pay Early Out

Is Outbound Calling Still a Key to Success in Self Pay Collections?

We always emphasize how important it is to communicate with patients clearly and frequently. This is true regardless of the reason for the communication, but

A/R Wind Down

High Deductible Health Plans and Your Revenue Cycle

It’s January, the deductible-reset month. The month when many insured patients begin paying out-of-pocket again on their way to meeting their deductibles for

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

The Emerging Role of the CISO In Your Revenue Cycle Management

We’ve talked in the past about the complexity of the revenue cycle and how, upon closer scrutiny, it can be a complicated and inefficient circuit of

Insurance A/R Follow Up

Four Medicaid-specific enrollment strategies and proof they actually work

Here is something to make your day a little sunnier...four carefully laid out, actionable strategies that can bring positive change for increased Medicaid

Patient Pay Early Out

Self pay and crowdfunding: patient consumers are getting creative.

We’ve blogged a fair amount about the things we think providers need to do to develop a sound self pay strategy and why. Part of that discussion has been the

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Literacy through the Business Office

  Health insurance literacy programs. Are they important? To whom? And why? To be clear, there is value in extending patient education beyond the clinical care
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