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Chris Klitgaard

At MediRevv, Chris oversees the strategic, financial, technical, sales, marketing and operational elements of the organization. He credits his leadership team and all his MediRevvers for their daily creativity, drive and commitment to breaking down obstacles on the way to bottom-line success.

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Coding Denials: 4 Strategies for Maximizing Cash

There are really only a handful of possible outcomes when a claim is being processed. It may be paid correctly, paid incorrectly or go unpaid. And, of course,


How to Do HCC Codes: Make Sure You're on the Right Track

If you understand the importance of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) codes, but don’t know where to start with this complicated but critical element of

A/R Wind Down

Navigating A Complex Revenue Cycle System Conversion

RCM system conversions can be extraordinarily complex—even if an organization is simply upgrading its current system and not in need of a complete legacy

Healthcare Reform

How Healthcare Reform WILL Impact Your Revenue Cycle

Healthcare changes are bringing increased complexity and uncertainty, and the impact to the revenue cycle can't be denied: shifting payment models, declining
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