Bon Secours: A self pay success story

Bon Secours Charity Health Systems (BSCHS) of Suffern, NY, is making big strides in managing self pay and reducing bad debt. Interested in the numbers? We’ll get to that in a second, but first, we ask for a little self-reflection.

  • What is your organization’s total annual collection rate across all self pay?
  • How many staff hours are currently dedicated to collecting self pay?
  • Have investments been made into leveraging self pay technology?
  • Where does self pay land on your priority list of receivables?

When BSCHS answered these questions forthrightly, it was clear they needed to bolster their self pay efforts to improve results. In MediRevv, BSCHS found a self pay partner mutually focused on the patient experience, and the results of that ongoing relationship tell the rest of the story (for instance, a 17% increase in total annual self pay collections).

Download our brand new case study to read more about the appreciable value that MediRevv has been bringing to BSCHS since 2012. Perhaps more importantly, this success story also highlights how MediRevv helps healthcare organizations maximize self pay collections. (Hint: It has everything to do with the patient.)


About Chris Klitgaard

Chris Klitgaard

At MediRevv, Chris oversees the strategic, financial, technical, sales, marketing and operational elements of the organization. He credits his leadership team and all his MediRevvers for their daily creativity, drive and commitment to breaking down obstacles on the way to bottom-line success.

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