Intersecting Patient Care and Self Pay Collections: UT Medical Group

“Patient Care is our First Concern” isn’t just a fancy marketing statement for UT Medical Group (UTMG). Rather, it is a real, tried-and-true tenet that reflects the dedication of more that 340 UTMG providers offering primary and specialty care to patients in the Memphis, Tennessee metro area.

Last week we announced our partnership with UTMG to provide Day One Self-Pay A/R Management. By handling the burden of self-pay collections, MediRevv is helping UTMG to improve their overall financial performance and maintain their focus where it should be: on patient care.

Many factors may influence the decision by a patient-oriented healthcare organization like UTMG to trust their ever-increasing volume of self pay A/R to a partner like MediRevv. Here’s a quick litmus test. Are you optimally handling each of these tasks to maximize self pay collections?

1. Are you using proactive, patient-friendly communication? Doing so will break through the barriers of non-payment, confusion and patient dissatisfaction.

2. Do you follow up with rhythm and rigor? A calling campaign using predictive dialing technology and a live person handling concerns yields positive results.

3. Do you offer a payment plan that meets both the patient’s needs as well as the policies and financial commitments of the organization?

4. Are you catering to the patient’s payment preferences? In short, offering on-line bill payment brings cash in more quickly and reduces internal employee costs.

5. How about your Self-Pay Manager? Find someone who is comfortable “off-script”, able to educate patients about their financial responsibility and at ease when resolving patient challenges. Expertise in insurance wouldn’t hurt, either.

6. Do you have Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in place? Maximize staff effectiveness and productivity by implementing quality programs, daily performance metrics and recorded calls for training, among many tools for measuring performance.

At MediRevv, we have made it our business to excel in each of these areas, every day, on behalf of a wide variety of healthcare clients. Along the way, we like to share one of our own tenets: “Patient care doesn’t end at the door.”


About Chris Klitgaard

Chris Klitgaard

At MediRevv, Chris oversees the strategic, financial, technical, sales, marketing and operational elements of the organization. He credits his leadership team and all his MediRevvers for their daily creativity, drive and commitment to breaking down obstacles on the way to bottom-line success.

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