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10 Years Baby! MediRevv Celebrates Anniversary by Giving Back

On March 29, around 2pm the (usually) vibrant and lively offices of MediRevv were eerily quiet. That’s because it was our company’s tenth anniversary, and the entire office closed for business so every employee could attend a fun-filled and heartfelt event that truly exemplified the spirit of MediRevv.


We pulled out all the stops for the ten year celebration — we may even have been a tiny bit rowdy, but we know how to keep it classy. We shouted our motto, "Cheers to 10 Years", drinks in hand, as we entered the ballroom at the Coralville Marriott Conference Center clad in our brand new MediRevv apparel and specially designed "MediRevv, est. 2007" t-shirts.  

The afternoon program began with remarks from CEO Chris Klitgaard who explained, “We’ve got quite the program today—so I’m told. When we started talking about the 10 year anniversary of MediRevv, it was a little overwhelming to be honest with you. Literally, 10 years ago today the legal documents for our company were filed.”

Chris went on to introduce a special video. On behalf of MediRevv employees and in the occasion of our tenth year, MediRevv made a $50,000 gift to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, specifically a patient room on the 11th floor University of Iowa Dance Marathon Cancer Center. The video featured personal stories from members of our MediRevv family regarding their experiences with the children’s hospital and there was an immediate and acute need for Kleenexes at each table to dry our tears.

The emotion continued as Chris presented the donation check to Ken Kates, CEO of University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Scott Turner, COO and Executive Director, UI Children’s Hospital. After those remarks there was a short break where we refilled our drinks and composed ourselves to get ready for the fun.

check presenation.jpg

Chris shared MediRevv’s new strategic vision, deemed the MediRevv Mindset which is that everything we do is based on the right balance between partners, people and performance.

The event programming followed with a surprise roast of our fearless leader hosted by Terry Reinsager, VP of Strategy and Process Improvement and Rachel Trevizo, Director of Operations. Chris sat to one side of the stage and was made to read MediRevvers favorite memories and interactions with him, drawing big laughs from the crowd.

“My favorite memory of Chris is when he shot down one of my ideas at a public meeting. I didn’t think about it, but he felt so bad that later he emailed the entire group with an apology for being inconsiderate and calling himself a jerk. #dontbeajerkface,” Chris read with a smile, calling up Cynthia Sherman, Director of Coding Services, who brought him a special t-shirt that displayed the hashtag and phrase across the back.


Terry read an anonymous comment, “If I could tell Chris one thing it would be that you make us proud, we believe because you believed in us. You are surrounded by hundreds of people who admire you and respect you. I see it, I hear it and I feel it all of the time.”

Susan Thoman, Certified Professional Coder and one of the original six MediRevvers, drove a motorized cooler out and whizzed by Chris to the tune of ‘Ridin’ Dirty’, eventually offering Chris an opportunity to take the wheel and do a lap. The program concluded with a minute to win it game of keeping balloons off of the floor. After the official event concluded, MediRevvers were free to dance and chat for a few hours.

 dont be a jerk face.jpg

After the party, several MediRevvers took to Facebook to post their photos and share their sentiments about their feelings on MediRevv and our 10 year anniversary celebration. Some of the comments:

“Best decision I ever made when I applied here!!! Love my job. #cheersto10years” – Cory Barnes, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Well I just arrived home from my #cheersto10years party for work; we shut down the office and took party buses to have drinks! The best thing I ever did was come to MediRevv. I'm never looking back. The company the culture and the people I am surrounded with every day are more than I have ever imagined a work place could be! It truly is a second home and it's allowed me to be me along with hundreds of other people just as like-minded.” – Luke Long, Accounts Receivable Specialist

“This is one of many reasons why I love this company. For our 10 year celebration, MediRevv paid it forward by giving the children's hospital $50,000. I'm full of tears and love. I'm proud to be part of this amazing company!” – Kelly Conroy, Accounts Receivable Specialist

There really is something special about our organization and the people that make it work every single day! Thanks CMK!” – Melanie Reece, Accounts Receivable Specialist

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