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Patient Pay Early Out

10 Ways to Improve Self Pay Cash And Patient Satisfaction

According to the Physicians Foundation Patient Survey Report conducted in May of 2016, 62% of patients are very concerned about their ability to pay for medical treatment.

Ever rising self pay obligations coupled with a general focus on the complete patient experience — including the financial aspect of  your patients’ healthcare visits — clarifies the need to make improvements in the billing office in order not to leave self pay dollars on the table.  This slide share offers ten ways to increase your self pay revenue while increasing patient satisfaction.

The right combination of skilled customer service representatives and useful technology which improves convenience and security within your organization are the building blocks for cultivating a positive financial experience for your patients: 

  • Expectation
  • Communication
  • Convenience
  • Customer Service
  • Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Evaluation
  • Overall Patient Experience

Recognizing the importance of the business office’s role in helping your patients understand why they owe a medical balance and what their options are to pay while providing compassionate, clear communication will drive up revenue numbers and patient satisfaction scores.



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