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Thought Leadership

Healthcare revenue cycle management does not have to be difficult—whether it is patient pay, insurance, coding or end-to-end—outsource your RCM and see your bottom line improve.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Tips for Leveling Up Your Revenue Cycle

Having trouble keeping up with claims? A/R days quickly adding up? Overwhelmed by denials? There are solutions for these. We know back-end functions of a

A/R Wind Down

How to Handle Your Legacy A/R for System Conversions

A checklist to avoid shortfalls with your legacy A/R before you start your system conversion 

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Flying Your Spaceship to the Moon: How to Optimize Your Patient Accounting System

What do successful, future-focused organizations all have in common? They are excellent at embracing change. As many of us witnessed during the pandemic – from

A/R Wind Down

5 Tips for a Successful System Conversion

Patient accounting system conversions can be complex, confusing, and costly, even when they're done "right."  The truth is that even the simplest conversion

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Patient (Not-So-Much) at the Center

Feeling like an outsider within the walls of your own healthcare provider is frustrating, especially for a revenue cycle leader—when he is the patient.  Here,

Healthcare Reform

The Cost of Patient "Disloyalty" to Health Systems

Patient loyalty factors into a lot of decisions that healthcare leaders are making, but are those investments misplaced? It’s common knowledge in business that

Healthcare Reform

Updates in Price Transparency Include Hardwired Care Coordination

CMS Administrator Seema Verma recently announced the proposed calendar year 2020 Physician Fee Schedule. This plan has overhauled the way physicians are paid

Patient Pay Early Out

[Slide Share]: There's no GPS to help your patients on their financial journey through healthcare

Imagine if your patients were armed with all the tools and resources they needed to make informed decisions on their healthcare choices and billing options.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

The Necessity for Change: End-to-End Revenue Solutions [Infographic]

Revenue cycle management improvement is a constant in the healthcare industry. Whether you're looking to improve outcomes, protect and increase revenue, lower

Healthcare Reform

Learn Why Americans Should be Outraged at the Healthcare System: A Recap of Dr. Robert Pearl's Keynote Address

Dr. Robert Pearl, the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, the nation’s largest medical group, is one of today's foremost thought leaders and authors in

Healthcare Reform

Volume Versus Value: Reconciling Value-based Payments in a Fee-for-service Environment

One foot on the platform and the other foot on the train, a line from the song “House of the Rising Sun”, offers an astute analogy for where we are with

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Tips For Best Practice to Improve Back-end Revenue Cycle Functions

“Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the
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