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Tried and True:
We’re ranked Best in KLAS for 2020

Extended Business Office

Today healthcare organizations are outsourcing revenue cycle services rather than handling the “important but tricky practice of patient billing" themselves. Two salient data points back this up:

  • Demand for outsourcing of full revenue-cycle management services in healthcare grew 48% from 2015 to 2019.
  • In 2018,  80% of hospital leaders  were vetting or were considering outsourcing full revenue cycle management in the year ahead. 

In this landscape, finding a revenue cycle partner you can trust with your two most important assets—your money and your patients—is paramount.

Best in KLAS for 2020

Our 2020 KLAS score of 93.4 takes the top spot, but really, the nod goes to our clients—smart, focused revenue cycle leaders with big goals and a shared vision of what it means to be a partner. We’re as grateful for the opportunity to work together through tough revenue cycle challenges as we are honored to be able to deliver financial performance worth sharing.


Previously No. 2 for
Five Consecutive Years

Our KLAS No. 1 ranking in Extended Business Office today follows five consecutive years of holding down the No. 2 spot. Here are a few remarkable highlights:

High standards, high scores

MediRevv’s No. 2 scores since 2015 have always landed above 90.0.

Closing in on the #1 spot

The differential between the No. 1 ranked firm and our No. 2 spot narrowed every year, from 3.3 points in 2015 to 0.7 points in 2019.

Holding steady against a falling average

The segment average for Extended Business Outsourcing has fallen each year since 2015 (total 4.9-point drop), yet MediRevv’s score has hovered high above the average (as much as 9.4 points) following an upward trend.

Consistency is key

While MediRevv held down the No. 2 spot for five years, seven other firms shuffled in and out of the top three spots. Our rating has been more consistent, hands down, than any other firm’s rating.


Why KLAS matters

Imagine if someone completed all the research you needed on revenue cycle management firms and packaged it up nicely for you.

That’s what KLAS does.

Their research represents an objective, trusted voice in the industry for decision makers who need unbiased information about software and systems to move healthcare forward.

In six years of working with KLAS, we’ve learned that revenue cycle leaders are honest with KLAS, which translates to KLAS being forthright with its audience. And that’s why KLAS matters.