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Northeast Georgia Health System: A/R Insurance Resolution Exceeds Collection Expectations

MediRevv’s responsive and responsible approach to A/R resolution proved to be the right solution. Handling the rundown of the old system, MediRevv has delivered expectation-exceeding collections results.


About Northeast Georgia Health System

Northeast Georgia Health System is a not-for-profit community health system offering comprehensive care to a diverse patient population of approximately 800,000 across 13 counties in northeast Georgia through more than 500 physicians, two hospitals, and many satellite facilities. Northeast Georgia Medical Center was recently named Georgia’s #1 Hospital and #2 in the nation for overall hospital care by CareChex.
hospitals and many
satellite facilities

The Challenge

After 20 years of using the same health information system, Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) took a huge step forward with a new system installation in early 2014. Immediately, NGHS recognized its distinct need to work receivables down in the legacy system to maximize the efficiency of its staffing model and stay aligned with its revenue cycle goals. Our responsive and responsible approach to A/R resolution proved to be the right solution. Handling the rundown of the old system, we delivered expectation-exceeding collections results.

The Solution

Clear Commitment to Results

Our partnership with NGHS  was founded on a clear commitment to results. From the outset, we gave NGHS total visibility into every aspect of our decisions, our work efforts, and processes.

This openness and clarity in communication with NGHS’s leadership and insurance teams have kept us on track, surpassing our mutual goals of maximizing both payments and the volume of A/R resolved. Throughout the engagement, NGHS trusted us for forward-thinking, high-quality customer service, delivered by educated, articulate insurance specialists.


The Results

Our team exceeded the expected collectibility & desired liquidation with the following results:
of total A/R has been
million of $26.6 million
in placements
Total payments (in millions) currently over five placements, each
aged differently.

Payments Collected

All results are reported over a 16-month period.

What our clients say
There are two factors driving the success of this particular revenue cycle project at NGHS with MediRevv: the customer piece has been very strong, and they’ve done an excellent job collecting for us. We’re just over a year into the engagement, and we’ve found MediRevv’s team members to be pleasant to work with, easy-going, knowledgeable, and committed to our joint success. The relationship is so positive that I’ve reached out to MediRevv for additional help. We’re certainly not going to ask a company that we’re not happy with their results to help out the second time around.

Elyse Gates

Executive Director, Hospital Revenue Cycle Operations