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A/R Wind Down

Every billing system conversion is part of a larger initiative to drive long-term efficiency into the health system in order to remain competitive, improve communication across the organization, boost patient loyalty, realize cost savings and improve cash.

Yet, system conversions are multi-dimensional, confusing and expensive on a good day. Getting it right requires protecting your cash, training your staff, and perhaps most importantly finding a trusted partner.


Switching billing systems is no small undertaking

It’s typical for a healthcare organization to focus its efforts and attention on the design, implementation and training for its new system and to pay less attention to the aging A/R in the legacy system.

As a result, cash flow takes a blow. Cash collections in the month following the conversion can dip more than 20%, and one study reported that by the end of the conversion, the total cash shortfall averaged $168M among US hospitals.

How we can help

Let’s handle your wind down right

Having a wind down strategy is invaluable during a conversion. More specifically, leveraging the services of an extended business office to work accounts while you transition internally enables you to focus on implementation, fine-tune the system to perform optimally, and train your staff. Not coincidentally, it also helps prevent dips in cash.

Let’s protect your cash

MediRevv uses a phased, tiered approach to drive your cash performance prior to and during system conversion. We provide effective collection and resolution strategies specific to your legacy A/R system, allowing your internal resources to focus on the implementation, training and utilization of the new system.

Leading up to the conversion, we help you focus on your receivables to build up cash reserves for the potential dip in cash collections. After the conversion, we put our focus and resources toward liquidating receivables completely from your legacy systems.

We already know your system

For your peace of mind, we already know the patient accounting system you’re moving away from and the one you’re moving toward. Our comprehensive knowledge and proficiency across systems brings unmatched versatility to each project.