Client Story A Growing Southern Based Academic, Not-for Profit Healthcare System

Why the Partnership?
The customer was expanding their footprint in the market with the goal of providing the best care and outcomes for the patients they serve. Growth presents business opportunities and challenges alike. The customer sought out MediRevv’s revenue cycle expertise to dynamically meet their needs and support their growth strategy.    



The Challenge

The customer needed a sustainable solution to managing their growing portfolio of A/R. Their core revenue cycle team’s attention was on high dollar claim management leaving not enough capacity to address collection opportunities on low balance receivables. As new relationships were brought into the system, multiple legacy billing systems needed to be quickly closed down and transitioned to Epic.  There was cash to collect in these systems and the customer needed a partner who could maximize return for them.

The Solution

Value to the Bottom Line

MediRevv flexed our business know-how to support the customer’s growth and provide value to their bottom line.

First up, a dynamic approach to ongoing management of low dollar, high volume facility claims in Epic. Managing low dollar, high volume facility A/R requires an effective and efficient work strategy.  Aligned with the customer to execute on the goals of increasing cash and reducing aging, MediRevv deployed a finely tuned and flexible work strategy.       


Quick Resolution of Legacy A/R

MediRevv stepped in to quickly resolve facility legacy A/R with the goal of maximizing cash collections; an important outcome for any run-down project.  

Referral Continuing Value

New Opportunities Concept - Green Pushpin on a Map Background with Selective Focus.

As a direct result of the work we did for our partner, we were referred to one of the client's affiliate hospitals to work ongoing insurance A/R follow-up.

The Results

Through a nimble and robust partnership approach, MediRevv has helped support the customer’s strategic growth strategy. 

Ongoing volumes of low balance, high-volume facility claims have been reduced by 22%.

Root cause identification of trends impacting aging management was identified and prioritized for resolution. Administrative burdens for the customer’s core revenue cycle team have been reduced allowing their focus to continue on high dollar claim management.

Both facility insurance and patient pay legacy receivables were resolved in less than six months and the legacy systems shut down without delay or increased maintenance costs.   



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