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Learn more about MediRevv, a Tegria company

Human interaction is what connects us. It’s the thread weaving our experiences into positive, powerful, and memorable ones.

We’re making healthcare experiences more human.

Our Story

Here’s how our story has expanded over the past 14 years.


Our People

From six employees to over 1,500 MediRevvers. Employee engagement, which as always been strong, has also grown. Today it soars at 87%.


Our Footprint

From the lower level of an Iowa City home to an organization with employees spanning 47 states.


Our Solutions

From two “bread and butter” services lines to six comprehensive services lines, including end-to-end revenue cycle management, patient pay early out, insurance A/R follow-up, A/R wind down, coding services, and consulting.


Our Client Partners

From one small hospital in Iowa to nearly 130 total clients served across 31 states and $6.14 billion in total managed A/R. For reference, we have averaged 30 clients and have held up to 50 contracts at any given time over the past five years.


Our Communities

In the past three years alone, we've given $350K to charitable organizations and events in our communities, and our employees have volunteered 8432 hours through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. We're making a difference nationally, regionally, and locally by prioritizing the causes that are closest to the hearts of our MediRevvers.


Our Tech, Tools, and Analytics

We’ve evolved from spreadsheets to customized workflow management systems, predictive analytic and reporting tools, and a fully integrated financial suite. The “closet” that once housed our data center has given way to a proprietary blend of traditional and cloud services offering advanced performance, redundancy, and extreme flexibility to meet our growing business needs – regardless of geographic location.

Our Culture

Some things don’t change. We still listen first. We still customize our solutions based on two-way partnership and shared goals. We still get fired up for the work we advance as healthcare changes, and we still ring the bell when there’s something (anything!) to celebrate, especially when it relates to our clients, their patients, and our MediRevvers. Check out our Culture page, the unfiltered truth about what our culture means to our employees.

Our Culture

We have a good relationship with MediRevv. They strive to build a good relationship with their frequent calls, and I appreciate those calls.

- KLAS Comment, August 2021

Excited to see what's in store for this fast growing organization!

- Melinda B., MediRevver

The firm’s major strength is that their staff members are knowledgeable of the industry, trends, and current issues that are happening across the country. They bring ideas and issues to us.

- KLAS Comment, August 2021

I am excited to see what lies ahead being with Tegria.

- Debra C., MediRevver

MediRevv is easy to work with. If they don’t know something, they do a little research and get back to us. They share information, and they are pleasant people.

- KLAS Comment, July 2021

I am excited to witness the growth as a Tegria Company! The transition is going to take a lot of hard work and continued learning, but I think we are all up for the challenge and opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I believe good things lie ahead for a dedicated, values-driven organization like ours.

- Amanda A., MediRevver

Our partnership with MediRevv is very strong because of their transparency, quick turnarounds, understanding of our business and mission, and availability to us. MediRevv is always able to give us insights into what we could do better.

- KLAS Comment, July 2021

Looking forward to what's ahead for us. It's an exciting time filled with hard work, change, and growth. I can't wait to see what the impact will be for our organization and the people in it.

- Myrsol C., MediRevver

Leadership Team

MediRevv leadership team combines decades of healthcare revenue cycle experience with this deep desire to inspire.

Why MediRevv

Positive revenue cycle outcomes are not what make us stand out in our space. It’s the why and how behind those outcomes.