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Hey there, we’re MediRevv.

You’re here to learn a little about us, but really, we’re most interested in you. What’s going on in your revenue cycle? What’s challenging for you today, and what are you looking forward to tomorrow? We’re in this together.

We’re revenue cycle experts

We help hospitals, large physician groups, academic medical centers, and health systems grow more cash and keep more patients. Our revenue cycle solutions are inspired by our values-driven culture, powered by highly engaged employees, and accomplished through peace-of-mind partnerships. We’re invested in your financial and operational outcomes, and we’re passionate about your bottom line and patient financial experience.

Fast Facts

Total A/R Managed
Year Founded
45 clients
Across 27 States
Employee Engagement Score
No. 1
Best in KLAS 2020, Extended Business Outsourcing
Growth and Workplace Awards

We’re storytellers, and storymakers

CEO Chris Klitgaard spent nine years during the early 2000s directing revenue cycle at University of Iowa Health Care, where the ground-breaking work of combining hospital and physician billing was already underway. By refining operational efficiency and financial outcomes, Chris and his team made UI Health Care a top decile performer among the nation’s academic medical centers. 

Chris is equal parts “numbers guy” and “people person” so his preference for data and financial transparency and his passion for patients proved to be a powerful combination. “Patient care doesn’t end at the exit door” was a phrase that crept into his daily speak. What he meant was what we know so well today—the patient’s financial experience is inseparable from the overall care experience.  

In 2007, Chris took a giant leap, leaving his role at UI Health Care to “do revenue cycle better.” From his basement (who doesn’t love a basement story?) MediRevv was created, and ever since, he’s been making his dream a reality—putting our clients’ patients truly at the center of revenue cycle and bringing full transparency to our revenue cycle partnerships. Along the way we’ve created an award-winning inclusive, fun, and fast-paced workplace to serve the best interests of another group we’re passionate about—our employees.


Here’s how our story has expanded

Our People

From 6 employees to over 900 MediRevvers.

Employee engagement, which has always been strong, has also grown. Today it soars at 80.4%.

Our Footprint

From the lower level of Klitgaard’s Iowa City home to four campuses in Coralville, IA (2007), Anaheim, CA (2017), Scottsbluff, NE (2018), and Mission Hills, CA (2019).

Our Solutions

From two “bread and butter” services lines to six comprehensive services lines, including end-to-end revenue cycle management, patient pay early out, insurance A/R follow-up, A/R wind down, coding services, and consulting.

Our Client Partners

From one small hospital in Iowa to nearly 100 total clients served across 27 states and $3.5 billion in total managed A/R. For reference, we have averaged 30 clients and have held up to 50 contracts at any given time over the past five years.

Our Communities

In the past three years alone, we've given $275K to charitable organizations and events in our communities, and our employees have volunteered 8432 hours through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. We're making a difference nationally, regionally, and locally by prioritizing the causes that are closest to the hearts of our MediRevvers.

Our Tech, Tools, and Analytics

We’ve evolved from spreadsheets to customized workflow management systems, predictive analytic and reporting tools, and a fully integrated financial suite. The “closet” that once housed our data center has given way to a proprietary blend of traditional and cloud services offering advanced performance, redundancy, and extreme flexibility to meet our growing business needs – regardless of geographic location.


Fast forward 13 years

We still listen first. We still customize our solutions based on two-way partnership and shared goals. We still get fired up for the work we advance as healthcare changes, and we still ring the bell when there’s something (anything!) to celebrate, especially when it relates to our clients, their patients, and our MediRevvers.

Check out our Culture Book, the unfiltered truth about what MediRevv’s culture means to our employees.

We’re sure of who we are

What follows isn’t merely who we are on the outside. This is what we live and breathe, what we believe,  and what we’re here to accomplish … together.

Our Mission

MediRevv provides end-to-end revenue cycle management tools, services and analytics to help healthcare providers retain patients and optimize financial outcomes.


Where revenue cycle and people thrive





Change is everywhere. We believe it leads to growth and keeps us both nimble and relevant. We sit at the table with every client, business partner, employee to listen first, then move quickly to solve, resolve, and wow. We bring our best to nurture intellectual, financial, cultural, and personal growth.


Be Authentic, Even Weird

Being different is encouraged, celebrated, and even sought out. Regardless of how our paths cross, we look past what others see so that we can get to know the real, true, bona fide you. This conscious decision to be inclusive leads us to find common ground on which we can connect. We’re not afraid to show our vulnerability, and we don’t want you to hide yours.


Work Hard, Play Hard

We hold the immense privilege of “working hard at work worth doing.” We do what we say we will to drive results and make money so that we can invest in everything great that lies ahead. It is our intentional practice to balance all of our grit, determination, and drive with our own crazy version of fun.


Be Kind

We leave situations better than we found them by demonstrating profound respect and kindness at every turn—to our partners and their patients, our communities, each other, and ourselves.


The MediRevv Mindset is that everything we do is based on the right balance between partners, people, and performance. It guides us every day in our approach and decisions.