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MediRevv is Becoming Acclara

At Acclara, we believe that life is an adventure worth exploring, So, grab your compass, pack your gear, and let's conquer the mountain together.

Paying homage to our past, excited for our future. MediRevv is now Acclara!
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Your patient is at the center of everything we do.

A positive, even progressive, financial experience with your organization can make all the difference for your patient. It can also make all the difference for your revenue cycle.

Imagine if you could clean slate your revenue cycle.

We can hear you thinking out loud. Maximized cash collections, streamlined efficiency, enhanced financial stability, engaged staff... and a positive financial experience for every patient.

Patient Pay Early Out

Patient pay balances are an increasing percentage of my total revenue. How can I maximize cash collections yet simultaneously ensure a truly positive patient experience?

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

My focus is on high quality patient care and navigating the shift to “value.” Meanwhile, I struggle to hire and retain qualified staff. Will outsourcing my entire revenue cycle ensure I meet or exceed my KPIs?


Insurance A/R
Follow Up

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Wind Down


Coding Services



Excel in revenue cycle as you do in patient care.

As a revenue cycle leader, your biggest opportunities are retaining patients and maximizing cash. When you have the right strategy, people and analytics in place, here's what you can expect:


Your operational and financial stability is driven out of our ability to flex our technology and people to solve your revenue cycle challenges.



Maximizing cash is one thing. Doing so at a lower cost is another. Your revenue cycle outcomes are benchmarked for efficiency from a technology stack, work strategy, and compassionate care perspective.


Meet your revenue cycle co-pilot. With MediRevv as your partner, you'll gain insight into issues that you have not yet seen or experienced directly, effectively increasing your revenue cycle IQ exponentially. 

Our clients share one common outcome.

Outsourcing your revenue cycle is all about outcomes.

While we're privileged to partner with many of the country's most amazing healthcare organizations, the truth is each of them has a unique "right" reason for outsourcing: financial performance, staffing issues, technology gap, patient retention and so much more. While there isn’t one singular reason, there is one common outcome: peace of mind.